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Registered since Nov. 12, 2012
in United States
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| Date: Jun. 12, 2013 18:32:28 | Type: purchase | From: vonstreppledjinncorpamerica (41) Verified Seller | Item number: 103023 | [ Details ]
A total liar and time waster - did not pay me for the item she stole off me, and she did not send me the soap she promised in exchange. instead she lied to me for months - said she and her husband had heart attacks, were both at death'[s door, and very ill - she said all these lies to cover up the fact that she had NO soap, and that she is NOT a witch, and doesn't give a damn about people like me and you who buy and sell on here. She did not hesitate to exploit people who are genuinely ill - all so that she could get away with not paying me and not giving me the soap I paid for. She is untrustworthy and behaves in sordid lying ways that exploit other people's sympathy and good nature. She is NOT a witch. I have turned ALL HER SPIRITS into negative energies so that her home becomes filled with dis-rest and unease and her short lived career as a 'witch' is brought to an immediate end. She is a liar who exploits the good will of everyone. She doesn't make soap, doesn't pay her bills, plays the pity story as far as she can, and deserves all the bad karma she is now about to receive. Be warned - she is bad news and a taker, a faker, and pretends to be ill, sick, dying, riddled with cancer, she will say anything to avoid paying and use every excuse in the book to avoid sending you what you have bought. No real witch would act in this ugly and spiteful way and I urge everyone to avoid her like the plague. I have cast now that just as sis did unto me then so shall all be done unto her and returned unto her tenfold so that she learns the error of her lying miscreant ways. Avoid her like the plague - and support real witches on metahaunt is my advice to all who read this.
| Date: Apr. 29, 2013 05:44:48 | Type: purchase | From: vonstreppledjinncorpamerica (41) Verified Seller | Item number: 103139 | [ Details ]
A heavenly collector with a heart of gold, blessings and all good wishes to you, thank you !
| Date: Dec. 19, 2012 22:36:05 | Type: purchase | From: Jinnandtonics (5) View Member Profile | Item number: 101391 | [ Details ]
Fantastic transaction, wonderful person, amazing to deal with every time! Always welcome to purchase from Jinnandtonics!
| Date: Nov. 14, 2012 17:45:53 | Type: purchase | From: Jinnandtonics (5) View Member Profile | Item number: 100520 | [ Details ]
The best customer anyone could ever ask for! Recommended! Highly!!
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