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We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality

metaphysical products, handcrafted items and personal

service, for you and your home.

You can order from us using our e-mail, or visit us at our store.

We take an enormous pride in creating our products, and hope

that you'll find something in our website or our store listings that

you like. If you don't see something you want e-mail us

to see if we have it or can get it.

We also can create custom orders for book of shadow (ex. the book of

shadows with the emblem on it), wands, herb baths, spell kits, pendants, handcrafted necklaces, handcrafted earrings, Handcrafted Pentacles, Handcrafted Ouija Boards, Handcrafted candles,

candles, haunted spell cast items, charging boxes, sage smudge spray,

oils, good luck items, rare herbs & amulets, talisman, brooms and bead

& gem bracelets (ex. citrine, amethyst, malachite, fluorite, etc; e-mail and let us know what you want.

We look forward to doing business with you.


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