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What everyone should know about me
Greetings, welcome to Hans Von Strepple Djinn - our well established business links customers to the paranormal world and the more esoteric aspects of the metaphysical. We sell haunted items and entity filled vessels that are sheer magic and thrilling.

Things I sell
We sell here and on our websites, our American website can be found at www.vonstrepplesdjinn.com where you will find the best prices and the most exciting supernatural products - all types of spirits and every level of spooky, scary and thrilling spirit infusions in an expanding variety of beautiful vessels. We have khodam and Marid Djinn pendants, Werewolf or Vampire spirit rings, Bohemian crystal globes bound with faeries, dragons and griffins, and demons, volkhs, Annunaki and spell cast vessels just waiting to fill your life with supernatural wonder and magic prowess. If you need a ritual oil, magic soap, a voodoo infusion, or a sixth sense or psychic enhancement vessel - come to us! And if you seek one of the rarer spirits like Hantu, Tulpa, Sprites or Boo Hags we will create a highly customized one just for you ! Our new range of Vril, Sirian, Arcturian and Pleiadian spirits is very popular while our succubus, incubus and Fallen Angels are always in high demand! You'll find us easy to work with.

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Languages spoken:
Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Greek Serbo-Croat Gaelic


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