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Welcome to the Royal Balkan Order of Vampires of Macedonia, our family line has specialized in vampire spirits since the times of our ancestors. From the vampires of ancient Babylonia known as Edimmu to the modern day vampire warlords like King Vlad de Tepes the Impaler we de Skopjes of Macedonia have supplied only the very finest and most beautiful of handsome vampire spirits. Whether you seek an English or American or French female or male vampire - or a Smoocher, a Russian Snow Queen or King, or a Gothic, a Know Thine Own Self, or even an Astral or a New Testament vampire you will find them all here waiting for you in a sparkling variety of amazing gemstone vessels. Rings, pendants, and precious stones - the choice of vessel is yours and your chosen spirit will be bound both to you and to your vessel that will reach you with an incense cones and candle kit, a charging bag - and a fully personalized Kingdom of Vampires official certificate making YOU a life time and beyond member of the de Skopje family tree in the Royal Balkan Order of Vampires, welcome home, we have been waiting for you !

Yours cordially, Count Borislav de Skopje


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