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The online home to World Famous Power of Three Psychic Witches Kat, Wendy and the Spirit of Grandma Elva! Trusted Sellers & Casters of Authentic Haunted, Paranormal Spell Bound Magick® Items.

Most of our work is custom, so you can be personally connected to your magickal items.

The Spell Bound Magick® family specializes in ALL Magick. We offer but are not limited to Custom Spell Binding and Casting, Faerie Magick, Djinn Magick, Dragon Magick, Energy Work, Haunted/Paranormal Items, Psychic Development, Astrology, Astral Travel, Invocation, Divination, Remote Viewing/Healing, Auras, Chakras, Tarot, Spirit Communication, Spell Bound Jewelry, Witch Made Candles, Incense, Potions, Witch Bottles, Talisman, Amulets, and more!

Our family of Psychic Witches have been using World Magick™ a magick different from any other
magick in the world, to help people just like you for over 70 years!!!

We would love to work with you.
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Enjoy the Magick!
Blessed Be,
Kat & Wendy


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