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Greetings one and all and thank you for your kind patience and overwhelming interest in this latest release - we call it Thelema Axis - it is a parallel universe accelerator access vessel that acts as your portal doorway through to the places you want to go!

In this flat and boring one dimensional world men and women are often prevented from attaining their dreams or accessing more successful lifestyles and ways of living.

The Thelema Axis consists of a laboratory created Moldavite stone - called A Wrinkle In Time - and acts as your doorway portal through to a multitude of universes and places in the past. Through this vessel you can access everywhere from Thelema to Thebes, from Mars to the library of the gods in ancient Alexandria, and from ancient Greece to the towns and cities of the future - your future ! But most importantly it is through this vessel that you will be able to create and access your own brilliantly designed universe where YOU are the one in control and where YOU are the one who determines the outcome of destiny, fate and life !

Time travel and the subject of parallel universes is not a new concept. The quantum mechanics of time travel has been known of in the field of Quantum Physics for a long time - now it is time for you to benefit from this extra dimension that will enlarge your life and give you freedom like never before to travel, to invent, to design and to master the universes YOU make ! Here is a brief breakdown of the concept:

Quantum mechanics of time travel

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Until recently, most studies on time travel are based upon classical general relativity. Coming up with a quantum version of time travel requires us to figure out the time evolution equations for density states in the presence of closed timelike curves (CTC).

Novikov[1] had conjectured that once quantum mechanics is taken into account, self-consistent solutions always exist for all time machine configurations, and initial conditions. However, it has been noted such solutions are not unique in general, in violation of determinism, unitarity and linearity.


Deutsch's prescription

In 1991, David Deutsch[2] came up with a proposal for the time evolution equations, with special note as to how it resolves the grandfather paradox and nondeterminism. However, his resolution to the grandfather paradox is considered unsatisfactory to some people, because it states the time traveller reenters another parallel universe, and that the actual quantum state is a quantum superposition of states where the time traveller does and does not exist.

He made the simplifying assumption that we can split the quantum system into a subsystem A external to the closed timelike curve, and a CTC part. Also, he assumed that we can combine all the time evolution between the exterior and the CTC into a single unitary operator U. This presupposes the Schrödinger picture. We have a tensor product for the combined state of both systems. He makes the further assumption there is no correlation between the initial density state of A and the density state of the CTC. This assumption is not time-symmetric, which he tried to justify by appealing to measurement theory and the second law of thermodynamics. He proposed that the density state restricted to the CTC is a fixed-point of

rho_{text{CTC}} = text{Tr}_A left[ U left( rho_A otimes rho_{text{CTC}} right) U^daggerright].

He showed that such fixed points always exist. He justified this choice by noting the expectation value of any CTC observable will match after a loop. However, this could lead to "multivalued" histories if memory is preserved around the loop. In particular, his prescription is incompatible with path integrals unless we allow for multivalued fields. Another point to note is in general, we have more than one fixed point, and this leads to nondeterminism in the time evolution. He suggested the solution to use is the one with the maximum entropy. The final external state is given by text{Tr}_{text{CTC}} left[ U left( rho_A otimes rho_{text{CTC}} right) U^daggerright]. Pure states can evolve into mixed states.

This leads to seemingly paradoxical resolutions to the grandfather paradox. Assume the external subsystem is irrelevant, and only a qubit travels in the CTC. Also assume during the course around the time machine, the value of the qubit is flipped according to the unitary operator

U = begin{pmatrix}0 & 11 & 0end{pmatrix}.

The most general fixed-point solution is given by

rho_{text{CTC}} = begin{pmatrix}frac{1}{2} & aa & frac{1}{2}end{pmatrix}

where a is a real number between -1/2 and 1/2. This is an example of the nonuniqueness of solutions. The solution maximizing the von Neumann entropy is given by a=0. We can think of this as a mixture (not superposition) between the states left( left| 0 rightrangle + left| 1 rightrangle right)/sqrt{2} and left( left| 0 rightrangle - left| 1 rightrangle right)/sqrt{2}. This leads to an interesting interpretation that if the qubit starts off with a value of 0, it will end up with a value of 1, and vice versa, but this should not be problematic according to Deutsch because the qubit ends up in a different parallel universe in the many worlds interpretation.

Later researchers have noted that if his prescription turned out to be right, computers in the vicinity of a time machine can solve PSPACE-complete problems.

You will receive your Thelema Axis vessel together with a charging bag, incense cones and candle set, and a certificate naming YOU as the owner and Captain of your own Time Traveling device !


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