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   Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - change your sexuality - transform your mind and body Item number : 100109   

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - change your sexuality - transform your mind and body

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Location 99705, Alaska
Country United States
Time Left 2012-10-30 03:31:10 GMT-03:00
Start Time Oct. 26, 2012 17:06:16
End Time Oct. 30, 2012 03:31:10
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vonstreppledjinncorpamerica (41) Verified Seller
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Welcome, Von Strepple Djinn Corp America is proud to announce the latest release in their transformative and psycho-analytically life enhancing range of intra-personal djinn and spirit bound vessel tools that encourage YOU to embrace those hitherto neglected and un-embraced yet omnipotent aspects of your own personality. This is an important new release that has been developed in conjunction with the work of Dr Marga who is based in the United Kingdom and whose research into the psyche has enabled us to produce this fantastic Jekyll & Hyde djinn - a must have spirit for those of us who secretly bear Dark Tendencies. This magic Jekyll & Hyde djinn is a powerful psycho-trigger who operates as a psycho-therapeutic tool - he is the key that will enable you to alter your personality and really let rip so that you can experience your birth right of true omnipotence !

But first, let us ask you a question or two. Are you an efficient and well balanced professional person who (on the surface) goes about their daily life under a veneer of respectability and polite civility? Do yuo dress modestly - but wish you could dress like a wanton strumpet? Do you wear flat sensible shoes - yet wish you could wear towering high heels or 1970's platform boots? Are you a person who is considered by all who know you to be the very model of self contained charm, politeness, helpfulness and sunny natured enthusiasm even when faced with the most boring, dull and inane tasks, chores, demands and responsibilities? Do you have a boring sex life because you're shy in the bedroom - but wish you could turn into a male porn actor or Linda Lovelace at the drop of a hat? And are you also a secretly creative and imaginative person whom no one would ever guess has deep and profound interests in the sacred and magical things that lie behind the veil - the very things in fact that don't seem to exist here in the physical world but somewhere out there in the farthest reaches of the metaphysical realm?

And, finally, do you bear a secret burden - the burden that you fear others finding out about? What is the name of that burden? It is the burden known as ........the Dark Tendencies of Jekyll & Hyde.......those dark rich tendencies that warm your heart and bring a secretive smile to your face each time you slip behind the carefully contrived social veneer and imagine what you would like to do to....the boss who over works you, the partner who belittles you, the relative who is cheeky to you, that driver who cut you up today, and the so called friends who put you down. Do you imagine them all being torn to shreds and having their necks snapped in two, or burning in the fires of hell, do you secretly wish they would be run over by a truck and squashed flat on the asphalt like a cartoon character? Do you imagine them being attacked by a pack of wolves or drowned at sea while wearing several concrete overcoats? I know that I do. The 'dark tendencies' Jekyll & Hyde side of me would love nothing better than to see several people I'm acquainted with - who really annoy the hell out of me - dangling from ropes and screaming piteously for mercy while I sit there in front of them calmly smoking one of my cigars with a glass of cognac at my side. Casually, coldly and quite objectively I could sit there for hours observing their well deserved suffering and relishing it. Why? Because I am a Jekyll & Hyde ! I have two sides to me. But my main character defect, if indeed I have any at all, is that I am sometimes over ruled by the shackles of convention in the sense that I am forced to push aside my Jekyll & Hyde self and snuff out my expensive Cuban cigar, drain the dregs of my fine brandy, and get up out of my antique Chesterfield armchair and save my victims when, in reality, I don't want to save them at all, I want them to perish in the flames of hell and dangle from that thick rope until the end of all time.......and then some.

If you can relate to those sentiments - then welcome home - you are a Jekyll & Hyde - and this magical and transformative tool was invented especially for you !

On the surface each of us must play out our ordinary every day lives beneath a harrowing veneer that masks our true tendencies and suffocates our true desires. We dress how we don't want to. We act how we don't want to. And we want to be........more! We each have bosses and schedules and responsibilities and bills to pay and one might be forgiven for thinking that is the extent of our day or that is the extent of our personalities. But it isn't, is it, we want to be more ! Beating powerfully in our hearts is a deep rich longing to live large and be ourselves - our true selves - the Jekyll & Hyde self! The self who is wicked and dark and irreverent and free and hip and cool and fabulously dressed and disgracefully sexually liberated! Free from the shackles of civilized politeness and independent of society and its strait laced hypocrisy. To exist in this dumbed down and dimly lit de-sexualized dimension we are forced to conform, but there is in our hearts and in our psyche a powerful aspect of us that can NEVER BE TAMED and indeed ought to ALWAYS be embraced, loved and nurtured into being so that we can attain the wildest and most joyous heights of living - and that ambition is best represented by this wild and free Jekyll & Hyde djinn for he will be your beacon, your guiding light, he will throw you in at the deep end and let you rip this town a new a**hole! But where is he pray? And how will he lure this aspect out of you - this aspect that society has driven deep into its hiding place with your heart like a nail embedded in a coffin that's about to be buried?

Well, I will tell you where he is. I want you to imagine a quiet foggy street in Victorian London. Far off in the distance you can hear the gentle clip clop of some weary horse trotting along pulling a carriage. Somewhere a clock strikes midnight. Somewhere an owl hoots and a fox screams. See how the sidewalk glistens, it's been raining tonight, and look how the glow from the lamp post settles on the street and shapes the shadows - illuminating even those murky darkest corners where anything might lurk. And - there he is - your Jekyll & Hyde djinn. He looks a little like me - tall, well dressed, elegant, with a slightly curved smile and he waits in those shadows to illuminate the soul of the casual passerby, that one special passerby is you, the 'you' who wishes to be liberated from the shackles of conventional society and freed from its hypocritical demand that we behave 'well', that we treat our fellow man with understanding and kindness no matter how abominably he behaves or how cruel he is when, in reality, he deserves to be eviscerated and shredded apart with our bare hands for is it not true dear young metaphysician that we are red in tooth in claw? Is there not in us still some existing particle that demands we be free - free to roam and free to rip it up and burn it down and tear the world asunder so that it can be remade in our own image ? Are we not each Gods, and Goddesses, with a divine right to rule and a hunger in our hearts for greatness? Do we not still yearn to shock, control, influence and empower others with this same truth - that we each have a savage side society has subjugated with the sad result that we have become emasculated, castrated, and separated from our own divine power !

We have turned into a nation of ninnies and talking heads, we have turned into a species of puppets and helpless fall guys but, no more ! The Dr Marga & Von Strepple Djinn Corp America range of Jekyll & Hyde djinn are intra-personal life enhancing transformative tools and they have arrived - today! They are the KEY you need to unlock that powerful side of you that can conquer the world and aid you in asserting your authority, your divine right to rule and your true self......the self that already bears all the necessary traits of survival.....call it the Darker Tendencies....call it what you like.......we call it the Jekyll & Hyde......and it's our most powerful conceptual release yet. You've seen the Ego-Z, you've seen the Fragment-Z, and you've seen our Tulpa-Z, and the shamanic Sleipnir-Z. So, you're now fully up to speed with where we're coming from. You understand the concept behind these creations and you know where it will take you.....deep into the core of your own being - straight into the heart of your own mind - and on out through the other side to that place where YOU are the most powerful and omnipotent creature in the universe - experience the power of the Jekyll & Hyde djinn now !

And so in keeping with Von Strepple Djinn Corp's ethos of facilitating self-empowerment for everyone you are encouraged to choose your own vessel for this infusion which will be a highly customized hand tailored binding that has been especially created with you in mind. Choose from a gemstone pendant or ring or bracelet or a two inch crystal sphere. We have a huge selection of vessels. Each vessel comes with its own incense cones, candle, and charging bag and a fully personalized certificate. But remember this - each vessel is a tool......a transformative tool that will enable you to let rip and experience your own Jekyll & Hyde darker tendencies - it's been created and designed for your own exclusive use - so choose well when making up your mind as to which type of vessel you feel most suits your heart's desire because this is one of those opportunities when YOU get to become what you really want to be!

Von Strepple Djinn Corp America.

You will receive your chosen Jekyll & Hyde djinn bound vessel together with a magical and highly collectible Von Strepple Djinn Corp America certificate of ownership and an Incense Cones and Candle activation kit in a charging bag so that you can benefit from its intrapersonal transformative aspects the very moment this life changing magical vessel reaches YOUR home, thank you. And please remember if YOU have a paranormal story to tell then I want to hear from you soon!

Your vessel will be bound to you before your vessel leaves our North Pole Alaska HQ so that you DO NOT have to worry about learning how to bond or waste precious time trying to bond - we take all the hard work out for you and leave you only with the magic - that's the pure magic of collecting a genuine Von Strepple Djinn Corp America vessel !

So remember this dear fellow passengers and friends:
All Von Strepple Spirit and Djinn are bound to your name BEFORE they & their vessels leave the Von Strepple's North Pole workshop in Alaska. Each item is accompanied by a genuine Von Strepple's Ownership Certificate! Each perfect, unique, and highly collectible Von Strepple djinn infused item is 100% bound to his or her new owner and comes with charging bag incense cones and candle. We have outlets in nearly every country of the world as well as franchises and over sixteen websites, radio stations, publishing houses, universities, and a private tv station. And when YOU tell us what you want we create what YOU need WHEN you want it. And we create it HOW you want it. So come on in and find out now what we can do for you! Male and Female (succubus and incubus) djinn also available along with Iblee, Qareen, Dragons, Unicorns, Demons, Fairies, Vampires, Night Stalkers, Werewolves, Poltergeists, Grave Yard Ghouls, and assorted Spirits - please specify your choice when ordering. Privacy and Discretion always assured. And immediate FREE shipping always guaranteed no matter where in the world you reside.

Or is it? Step on in - come one come all, we weave magic in our store!

See my other listings for more great items!


All payments are due immediately thank you.


All Von Strepples Djinn items are bound to you at midnight the same day your payment is received and then mailed out to you the very next day - making our service unique !

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - change your sexuality - transform your mind and body
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